Our Pregnancy Journey – so far

OK Beasts so I promised that I would blog my pregnancy measurements every couple of weeks. Now this is something that as a PT I have wanted to do from the beginning.

Finding out that we were pregnant was one of the best days of my life – a little creation of Dave and I yah! Before I was pregnant I sat around the 63kg – but as you know as a PT I fluctuated daily and usually measured my weight by my clothes and how I’m feeling rather than jumping on the scales.

My morning sickness ect hit about week 6! From week 6 -10 of our pregnancy I totally lost my appetite which was unusual for me as I am a huge foodie! Then during week 10 – 16 i lived on a carb based diet – I remembering finishing my morning classes and feeling so sick I put my self to bed and order 2 triple cheese pizzas (thick pan) 🙂 and got them delivered to the door – yet I could not even bring myself to get in the car to pick it up. I ate the pizza for breakfast, lunch and tea for the next 2 days, the only thing that would fill me up and I could keep down so don’t judge guys!

Everyones pregnancy journey is different I would have told you 12 months ago that I thought that being pregnant would be a breeze and for some I have spoken to it was – I thought I would definitely be one of those ladies, but our baby bean was determined to let us know they were here. Thankfully after week 19 I started to feel like myself again even better, started to wanted to eat better, healthier and get back into the kitchen and cook. That was another thing I lost during the first trimester was my love for cooking – poor Dave would ask me “so are we eating tonight or should I get takeout” he knew the answer 🙂

I am currently heading into my 23rd week and feeling pumped – the whole experience and journey is a miracle in itself. I feel grateful for what we have been blessed with – bring on May!!

So here we go – I have not jumped on the scales every week but you will see the growth of my body and weights throughout the weeks so far and I will continue to update.

Week 7 (Beginning Weight)

Weight – 64.2kg

Fat – 27 %

Muscle – 44

BMR – 1398

Bones – 2.3kg

Vis Fat – 2

Week 9 (Loss my appetite weeks)

Weight – 63.2kg

Fat – 27.8%

Muscle – 43.8

BMR – 1384

Vis Fat – 2

Week 12 (Carb Overload Weeks – Donut, Pizza, Crumpets)

Weight – 64kg

Fat – 28.7%

Muscle – 42.7

BMR – 1370

Vis Fat – 3

Week  16

Weight – 66kg

Fat – 30.5%

Muscle – 43.6kg

BMR – 1401

Vis Fat – 3

Week 19 (Feeling like old Sammy is back)

Weight – 67.6kg

Fat 31.3%

Muscle – 43.7

BMR – 1407

Vis Fat – 3

Week 22

Weight – 69.2kg

Fat – 31.3%

Muscle -45.7

BMR – 1463

Vis Fat – 4

Week 24

Weight – 70.2kg

Fat – 33 %

Muscle – 44.3

BMR – 1468

Visceral Fat – 4

Week 28

Weight – 71.3kg

Fat 35.1 %

Muscle – 43.5

BMR – 1413

Visceral Fat – 5